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     When you hire us, you are not only employing experienced and credentialed coding and billing experts that specialize in doing nothing but getting you paid quickly and properly...You are hiring protection!  R.A.C. Audits are running rampant, as certified Medicare Auditors we know what's required to keep your practice safe and audit ready.  High yielding quick and proper reimbursements will be what you expect and nothing else.  We make this bold promise to you, as we have it "down to a science".  You CAN trust us!  Our references are real and speak for themselves.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB under Proclaims Management LLC, and every one of our credentials, certifications and associations are verifiable.     

Now It's important to note, that most billing companies submit to get the easy 70 to 80% and leave the rest of your money on the table.  The hard to get remaining 20-30% is where we make a huge difference.  Accounts Receivables for our clients average less than 1% over 90 days.  We get on the phone and call the insurance companies, and the patients...not as a collector, only as a reminder to see how we can help if needed. 

When claim denials are received, we don't just resubmit the same claim over and over again, we fix the claim properly and re-submit or send an appeal whenever needed.  Again, we get on the phone and call to get answers whenever we need.  Your money is considered our income too!    

We also treat your patient billing as a vital income component to your practice amounting to 5 to 20% or more of your income, here we make a substantial difference as well.  We take your patient's calls live 95% of the time.  All calls are monitored and recorded in .wav files so they are easily managed and accounted for.  We can even send our clients conversations or vm's of patient/staff dialogues! 

One of the nicest benefits of our service is you'll never have to worry about any of the expenses or hassles associated with billing again.  This would include hiring billing staff, training and re-training, downtime and absenteeism, billing supply costs, postage, wasted phone time and expense, staff and storage space issues, software and hardware updates, backups, upgrades and support.  We handle it all.  Simply practice medicine and help patients...That's it!  Sound too good to be true it's not...We're doing it now for our clients, and they love us for it.

Some of Our Products and Services: 

  • Full Practice Medical Billing
  • Practice Management Software
  • EMR Software Systems
  • Electronic Encounter Forms
  • Certified Auditing
  • Certified Coding
  • Medical Business Consulting


Billing System Features: (Using our PM Software)


  • Complete Transparency into all billing activity
  • Real time data access (all billing data available anytime)
  • Electronic claims submission (manual where applicable)
  • Claims scrubbed via edits, audits and clearinghouse
  • Past A/R collections (get paid on past denied claims)
  • Insurance eligibility verification instantly (before patient leaves)
  • Patient billing (toll free 800 numbers for inquiries)
  • Strong, aggressive claim appeals process
  • Secure retrieval of demographics, charge and payment info
  • Secure data storage with redundancy back ups every 15 minutes
  • Annual code and fee analysis updates
  • Experience certified coders and billers always working for you
  • 60 second live support online and by phone
  • Patient demographic conversion optional from prior PM software

Your patient billing questions and calls are taken care of for you off site by our trained staff. 

Your investment to employ our services is between 4% and 9% depending on your reimbursement and claim volume. This percentage is applied against what we collect monthly on your behalf or $1,500 per month as the minimum whichever is greater (We get paid after you receive your money). 

We charge a one time $500 - $10,000 set up for us to begin working, the actual final amount will depend on what services decided upon.  We generally set client expectations that within 90 days you will have already recouped your initial setup, and your investment in our services will cover itself going forward.  In essence, over the long run in comparison to will cost you virtually nothing to reduce expenses, gain profits and eliminate headaches by employing us.  We've truly created a win win scenario. 


*contact us for further details


If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information. Or call 888.854.4363 for immediate assisance.

"Proclaims has been doing my billing for just over 3 years now and they are exceptional!  I especially like the personalized attention and their visits each month to report and explain how my practice is doing.  My reimbursements have never been so high in the 15 years I've been practicing."

Virginia Schekorra, DO PA  

The Dermatology Center 

Pinellas Park, Florida  


"Many billing companies go after the 70-80% of receivables that are easy, and then move on. Even though it's my money, Proclaims goes after the remaining difficult-to-get 20-30% and delivers! Since we started with Proclaims about 2 years ago, my reimbursements have jumped to greater than 98% of the allowable that was billed, and patient billing is on time and consistent, they are truly a 1st class operation."

Jack Carter 

Practice Administrator

Skin Wellness Center

           Pinellas Park, Florida


"The support is excellent from Proclaims, they are always there when I need and I always get my questions answered with reliable info.  I find the reporting is easy to understand and they do exactly what they say they will do, that's hard to find these days."

                                                   Teresa Morgan

                                               Business Manager

                                                                                    Dermatology Center of Inverness

Inverness, Florida


 "Whenever I am asked who I would recommend for billing services, without hesitation I highly recommend ProclaimsMD. They supply equipment, software, everything and take the day to day worries out of getting paid.   They are truly a pillar of reliability, and I love my new tablet."

                                                                                                                                        Howard Hirschfield ARNP

                                                                                                                                          The Dermatology Center

                                                                                                                                                         Tampa, Florida


"After 8 years of excellent service, ProclaimsMD still provides me Peace of mind, knowing I don't have to worry about our billing ever. I have the utmost in confidence that we are always getting paid what we should, it's a great feeling"

                                                                                                Sam Samera

Practice Administrator

                                                                                                                                                 Branford Family Medical Center

Branford, Florida


"It's as though I hired "super biller" who handles all billing for my business, pays my billing expenses, does the follow up, appeals,  takes all my patient billing calls and provides useful information when I request. They get me paid. hiring Proclaims was a great decision for my practice." 

Francis D Ong MD PA

Plastic Surgeon

                                                                        Jacksonville, Florida   




"I would like to thank you for a job well done, my practice has needed some major changes to boost collections and profits for a very long time. Since  hiring your firm over 2 years ago, you've made a huge impact on my bottom line and not to mention assisting in getting my office organized to run more efficiently, my staff loves the whole billing system you've provided." 

Mark Schoenborn DC


Jacksonville Healthcare Center

                                                                        Jacksonville, Florida   




"Medical Billing Simplified"

Lake Worth, Florida
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